Women In Black

I love Black. I love wearing Black. If I had to wear one color for the rest of my life that would be Black. Black reflects the soul. All the colors mixed together. Thus, there is no color deeper than Black. There is no color more significant than Black. There is no color more empowering than Black.  Black just means everything. Women in Black are the most in[...]

What Is Fashion

Before introducing you to my new posts, I'd like to make a development or maybe a clarification about the concept of fashion. I use the term concept because fashion is obviously an idea which exists in the mind as the product of a careful mental activity. Fashion isn't about what is trendy and what's in or anything superficial. Not at all. The word fashion r[...]

Hello September

Today I decide to be me. After a long introspection work, I am back on my blog with a new mindset, a new outlook, a new soul. Without knowledge we can't be who we are because we wouldn't even know that we are. I spent a lot of time reading and gathering knowledge on subjects that I wasn't used to care such as religion, philosophia, history. That made m[...]